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Rubamatic is a working group, is a concept created by people coming from different places, positioned to intersect producing ideas, solutions, reflections. In advertising the "rubamatic" is that stage of the creative process in which scenes and snippets taken from existing sequences are assembled along the lines of the story you want to tell, to generate an emotional impact and give particular emphasis to the immediate sensations. It is a mode of presentation is particularly effective because it allows us to highlight the style of direction, the value of content and process of creative work.

Rubamatic played on this idea: to bring the conference to different backgrounds, different experiences, and propose them in their original individuality within a single project, where the elements are recognizable to each, to "make it" better what you would like to create , not to mix the richness of difference, not to close an idea, a proposal, a project in a watertight compartment and prefabricated.
Il TYC si presenta. E tu...?
USE-IT Turin, the city seen through the eyes of youth!

Torino Youth Centre (TYC) is working on the first map designed by young people living in Turin for visitors who want to act like a local and fully enjoy what the city can offer. To achieve this map never seen before in Italy, the staff of TYC that deals with the design of USE-IT Turin asks you for a little help.
Tell us about an unmissable place, a place frequented by young locals, a place where to eat cheaply.

Fill out the questionnaire found at:

Aperityc 2.0 | Media Crossing

Finalmente online il sito del Cantiere per la progettazione condivisa del "cam-per-te"! Il camper accessibile.
Parole, immagini, oggetti e architetture delle sinagoghe piemontesi
Vengo anch'io? Si, tu si

Riflessioni e proposte per costruire esempi di turismo accessibile, fruibile anche alle persone con disabilità nell'ottica delle pari opportunità e dei diritti umani per tutti.
Verrà presentato il progetto Camperte: cantiere di progettazione condivisa per la realizzazione di un camper accessibile. scarica programma del convegno!

Venerdì 26 Giugno 2009
09.00 - 17.00

Centro civico circoscrizione 5
Sala consiglio, piano 2°
Via Stradella 192, Torino
Speedbook @ RSI TV
Real Trust Live!

Words, Images, Objects and Architectures of the Synagogues in Piedmont
TYC and the earthquake victims

Alberto Re, chairman of Tyc, said that the Torino Youth Centre associations will help the population of Abruzzo, hit by the last wasting earthquake.

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Logo and graphic design for Innamorati della Cultura
Rubamatic and TYC in the university college
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